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Male Regent Parrot
Mature Male Crimson Wing Parrot

The Male Regent Parrot is distinguished from the female Regent by his yellow head, underbody and upperwing. Both male and female have a dark green back with some red on the wing, the male having more red. The female has a pale olive green rather than the yellow and less red on the back. We currently have two pair of Regent Parrots in our aviary.

We have found through personal experience that the Regent Parrots make excellent hand-raised pets. They have quickly picked up on words and phrases and have a friendly nature.


Regent Parrot Breeding Info
Clutch Size
Sep - Dec
3 - 6 eggs
22 days
42 days

Some photos of Sid our handraised Regent male as well as a six week old baby Regent:



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