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Mature male King Parrot
Mature Male King Parrot

We currently have several pairs of King Parrots. Our initial pair bred for the first time in 2004 producing two young (the two in the header image above) who were both handraised. Since then they have proven themselves as excellent breeders.

All our pairs are unrelated so we can supply people with a non-related pair if so required.

We have found the Kings to make excellent pets - they are a good natured bird who have a pleasant and playful personality.

Our other site www.kingparrots.com is dedicated to the King Parrot and Crimson Wing Parrot and you can find more info there.

King Parrot Videos

King Parrots mother on nest from inside the nesting log. Note the two day old chick in the bottom of the frame just under the mother.

File size: 1.12Mb
Length: 0:17

Shows a view of both parents from outside the nesting log. Watch for the mother feeding her chick at the beginning of the movie.

File Size: 2.53Mb
Length: 0:40

Blue ringneck hatching - clip 1
Blue ringneck hatatching - clip 2

For more videos of our baby King Parrots visit:



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