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We presently have several aviaries - a combination of walk-in style and suspended aviaries. Our large walk-in aviary is approx 5.5m(l) x 3.5m(w) x 1.8m(h) and is divided length ways into two areas. This was built specifically to house our first pair of King Parrots.

Our latest set of aviaries ios now complete. A bank of 5 walk-in aviaries to house our larger parrots. Each aviary is approximately 4.5m(l) x 1.2m(w) x 2.4m(h) giving plenty of flight length for the larger parrots. This aviary has a full concrete floor and drain for easier cleaning. This aviary is currently home to several pairs of King Parrots, Superb Parrots and Regent Parrots.

Below are some progress images from construction:



In addition we have one bank of suspended aviaries but since building these our personal preference is definitely for walk-in as it allows more interaction with the birds.

Each of our walk-in aviaries allows the use of log nesting 'boxes' that are between 1.2m and 1.5m in depth. Our nesting boxes have a top inspection opening and also an inspection opening near the bottom.


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